NMK Norwegian Maritime Competence Center

The Norwegian Maritime Competence Center/NMCC is one of Norway's most innovative and high-tech competences in collaboration with the public sector, academia and the private sector.


NMCC is part of Campus Aalesund and aims to be one of Norway’s most important meeting places for innovation, competence and development. Campus Aalesund is the region’s hub for education, research and business development. Furthermore, NMCC has a close and good collaboration among different organisations both inside and outside the NMCC building. This interaction creates more innovation, competence, development and growth here in Sunnmøre.


Some of our many partners are Kongsberg Maritime Technology, who’s is developing new technology from the bottom of the sea to outer space.

ÅKP AS is one of Sunnmøre’s leading provider of entrepreneurship, innovation and networking services. They promote one of the country’s most complete incubator systems, cluster programs such as GCE Blue Maritime Cluster, NCE Blue Legasea, and other national and international projects.


We can also mention OSC (Offshore Simulator Centre) which is a world leader in the development of simulation and visualization of demanding maritime operations, in close collaboration with shipping companies, equipment suppliers and research institutions. OSC has also developed Augment City or Digital Twin which simulates tomorrow’s city today, this in close collaboration with Aalesund Futurelab, which is Northern Europe’s first smart city lab in collaboration with the UN.


United Future Lab Norway is part of Aalesund Municipality’s investment in innovation and technology. It is based on interdisciplinary collaboration and will be developed in a collaboration between business, academia and other social actors, in order to contribute to both national and international sustainable social development with a focus on, among other things, education, health, infrastructure, mobility and energy.