Ålesund Videregående Skole

Ålesund Videregående Skole is part of Campus Ålesund, which works closely with the following actors:

  • Norwegian Maritime Competence Center (NMK)

  • ÅKP AS

  • Fagskolen i Ålesund

  • The student organizations at NTNU in Ålesund

  • NTNU In Ålesund.

This school is the largest upper secondary school in Ålesund. The school has a rich diversity of offers within program areas:

  • Study specialization with special courses in International and Top Sports

  • Study specialization with design Music, dance and drama

  • Health and social sciences

The school's vision and goals:

  • The upper secondary school shall be an inclusive school, where equality, gender equality, tolerance and respect for the individual are central.

  • The education at the upper secondary school must be adapted to each individual student's wishes and prerequisites. Through active participation in the learning process, the goal is to develop professional, personal and social competence in the students.


  • The school shall be an arena for professional, methodological and pedagogical development work.

  • Diversity in the school's offerings must be utilized for holistic thinking across subjects and departments.

  • With a firm foothold in local culture and tradition, the school must have a global perspective and be able to exchange experiences with other countries.